Thursday, March 17, 2011

Good Luck

Happy Saint Patrick's Day! I hope that you are wearing green today. I recently made this card for a friend of mine. Once again I am using one of my favorite sketch ideas for this card. I also used my favorite embellishments at the moment, which are buttons. I seem to go through phases of embellishments, and considering the several jars of buttons I have on my table, they seem to be the "it" embellishment for me. Though recently I have been eyeing "thickers " when I check out my favorite websites and  local craft stores. So who knows, maybe that will be my next phase of embellishments. Hope you all have a great day and that you don't get pinched!


  1. SO CUTE!! You have the best CAS card ideas!

  2. Thanks Kadie...found a blog today that is all about CAS cards


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