Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Cup of Tea...

Card making is defintitely among my favorite things to do along with a good cup of tea, a good friend and a great conversation. As I have gotten older I have watched friends get married, have babies, and even moved away (including myself). Even though we remain friends, getting together is not always possibe. I recently made this card for a friend of mine who has moved away and miss our wonderful conversations we used to have. After making it, I decided to tweak it for a monthly swap that I belong to, Sisterhood of the Traveling Cards. The only thing that I changed was the punch I used. For the swap I used a circle punch instead of an oval punch.This swap, "Sisterhood of theTraveling Cards", started back in 2008 and has been going strong every since.I  love being part of this swap. I have met so many wonderful women and feel proud to call them my "Sistahs" !


  1. Wynne! I'm so excited to see you in blogland! Congrats on your new "adventure." :)

    I always love all your cards. You do simple, cute and classy sooooo well. And this is all of those! I love the red, white and kraft combo and the layout is perfect!

  2. Thanks Kadie! I am having fun with this new "adventure"!


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